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Kaikki joogasta kiinnostuneet: lukekaa tämä!  If yoga is your thing, read this wonderful article by Paul Jerard


By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

We might hear: Hatha Yoga can be applied toward healing, without a mat or a visit to the local ashram, but how can this be? What daily treasures are we missing out on, and how can Yoga be applied toward healing outside of our practice time?

The time we spend practicing Yoga is “practice time for life.” We should enjoy every minute of it. Too many people do not take the time to enjoy what they are doing, when they are doing it. This is why the benefits of Yoga take a little time before they become obvious.

However, the practice of Yoga is only part of the “big picture.” The application of Yogic principles, to our lifestyle, is a major key to better health. The following are events in our daily lives, for which we should make time:

1. Make the most of your time at work. Many people dread work, because the tasks have become mundane, or they feel the work is beneath them. This can happen when a person has more potential than their job allows. Some employers would prefer employees to refrain from making suggestions.

Friends may advise you to leave a job you dislike, but what about your paycheck, and what about your family? The solution is to realize what work is. Work is the cost of success. Work is not your identity – it is a combination of tasks we perform to get from one point to the next.

We could compare work to traveling, because we are trying to get somewhere by working. However, we can control the quality of the journey by doing our personal best with each task. If your work is having a negative effect on your health, the logical solution is to find another job.

2. Make time for laughter. Laughing stimulates the immune system. Adults tend to neglect laughing, but it is vital because of the health benefits. Laughing activates T-cells (antibiotics that are naturally produced within your body). Laughter also decreases pain by releasing endorphins.

3. Make time for playing. While it is important to work and study – it is also important to let your inner child be entertained. Any sport or game, that releases the mind from the daily burdens of worrying and taking life so serious, is worth your time. Life is too short to forget about playing.

4. Make time for prayer. It is easy to have a distorted view of life when so much bad news is easily accessible. Yet, worship allows each of us to clarify our vision. The path of reverence allows us to see.

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